Watch the Spring 2021 Issues Forum: Can Counties Help Combat PA’s EMS Crisis?

Issues with coverage, capacity and resources for emergency medical services in Pennsylvania have become increasingly critical and unsustainable in recent decades. Learn the roots of the problem and how proposed legislation would give counties a tool to help.

CCAP’s Lisa Schaefer moderated the discussion with state Sens. Lisa Baker and Tim Kearney, co-sponsors of pending EMS legislation; Don DeReamus, legislative chairman for the Ambulance Association of PA; and Mark Hamilton, Tioga County Commissioner, and Kevin Boozel, Butler County Commissioner, CCAP EMS Task Force Co-Chairmen.

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Fall 2020 Issues Forum

COVID-19’s Impact on Commonwealth Communities: Lessons Learned and New Challenges

PEL joined with the Harrisburg Regional Chamber to present a panel discussion on COVID-19 featuring former York Mayor C. Kim Bracey, current head of the DCED Local Government Services Office; David Black, president of the Harrisburg Chamber; and Assistant Professor George Dougherty of the University of Pittsburgh’s GSPIA. Watch below!