Local Government

PEL’s work helps local government officials get the greatest mileage out of every tax dollar.

  • PEL’s professional staff of analysts and problem solvers provides comprehensive research and technical assistance on virtually every aspect of government finances.
  • PEL can address general public policy issues and governmental programs affecting broad areas such as a region or the state, as well as the specific challenges of individual jurisdictions and organizations.
  • PEL also offers quick turnaround “troubleshooting” research for those with urgent problems and can serve as a facilitator or consensus-builder to produce positive results.
  • PEL’s assistance is provided in a behind-the-scenes, nonpartisan fashion which enables our staff to develop productive, long-term relationships with public officials and administrators.
  • PEL works with municipalities through the Commonwealth’s ACT 47 program and Early Intervention Program
PEL gives state and local government officials the information they need to make sound decisions.
PEL’s research is impartial, accurate and reliable.

The Pennsylvania Economy League (PEL) is an independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization; it is not an agency of the Commonwealth.

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