Who We Are

We are Pennsylvania’s premier public policy think tank based in Harrisburg with affiliated organizations in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

We are a 501(c)(3) educational and research organization financed in part by memberships from individuals, businesses, associations, institutions and foundations that share our vision for a better Pennsylvania.

We were founded during the Great Depression with the belief that citizens of Pennsylvania need non-partisan, data-driven information to improve government efficiency, eliminate wasteful spending and build a better future for our commonwealth

We provide government leaders, the business community, citizens and other stakeholders with information and insight on public policy issues impacting our communities.

We work locally and think regionally to help ensure the most effective provision of essential public services at the best cost.

Pennsylvania Economy League Mission

Our Pledge: Independent. Insight. Information.

    • For 80+ years, we have provided objective, fact-based analysis to support good government, serving as a trusted advisor to state and local officials

Technical assistance to state and local government

    • Our dedicated staff of expert policy professionals and consultants work with communities to create fiscal sustainability and efficient public services

Independent research on state and local issues impacting our communities

    • Our non-partisan, data-driven research exposes government inefficiencies and provides information that policy makers can use to design real solutions

Civic education for local business, non-profit and government officials statewide

    • We provide regional policy forums, expert testimony and more that give insight on emerging policy issues and form coalitions of diverse partners

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